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SMJ timer switch batteries

I have a cheap 13Amp mains plug timer and programmer for controlling lights and things at home. I bought it in Rymans the hardware store and it may be their own brand. It has a part number SMJ DT4B1C and it takes a watch battery to maintain the time and program if you accidentally turn off the power to it. But it doesnt say the battery type anywhere on it. Indeed it says 'R90D' next to the picture of a battery, but this is a red herring.

What you need is a AG6, also known as a LR920, or LR69.

I hope this helps someone else.
Why did I trust Microsoft for a second?

After the debacle with using the 'new' dynamic disk technology in Windows Server
when it came out, only to find out that when a drive started to fail that not
only were there no 3rd party tools to help but Microsoft itself appeared to
treat the technology as 'as is' and not for official support, after this I swore
I would never again rely on something so fundamental as file storage on a
Microsoft-only technology.

But when WHS had been in release for a couple of years, and was getting enough
good reviews, I thouht that drive pooling technology was a nice sweet solution,
and one I could handle if things went wrong, as the files would still be intact
on the NTFS disks. So I built and installed a WHS machine, with many terabytes
of data. And have been relying on it for backing up TV and being the music
server, etc.

And now they have taken out the one key feature, ie the drive pooling.

I must remember to never let my guard down, and keep up the endless disdain and
moaning about them at every opportunity.
I have had a problem for about a year. On windows 7 and with WHS, there is a
neat option to archive your recorded tv to the server and, if you want, compress
or transcode it on the way.

For me however, the service kept failing, saying it was not available, and
generally acting in an unruly fashion. I had read problems about the service not
being started, or having to set the destination folder to somewhere local, not
on the server, but none of these solved my problem.

I finally worked out that the files I had been recording for my son over a
number of years, and keeping across various re-installations of MCE, whether XP
MCE or Vista MCE and finally W7 MCE, had different security descriptors.
Essentially, when the recorded tv archive service found a file it couldnt
process due to security settings, it barfed rather than moving onto the next

You might think I could have found this out easily. Nope. It seems the files
would play fine, and I could move them about, but there was some special
permission I still dont know, which caused them to fail.

You might think I could solve this easily by resetting the permissions on the
whole folder. Nope. Microsoft have broken the administration of file permissions
in Windows 7 so badly that I had to copy all the files to a FAT external drive,
which simply doesnt support NTFS security, then copy back to a new folder. No
other way without using sysadmin command lines tools from the resource kit. In
XP it used to be 2 button clicks. But they removed the possibility of adjusting
a whole folders permissions. Idiots.

Problem finally solved, archiving is excellent, and now I have 1TB back for
Octonauts and Tommy Zoom. But I would still prefer to use a Mac. Are you
listening Microsoft?

Microsoft Security Essential UX disaster

So it found some things it thought were viruses. Very good. I read through them
and set most of the actions to 'allow', then hit the go button.

Only there are 2 go buttons. One overrides what you told it to do, and removes

What kind of idiot designed the UI?

Shame, Yahoo!

It is only just starting to sink in what damage Yahoo! did by removing GeoCities
from the web. Shame on you, Yahoo!

WMP12 Fail.

god, have you tried to export a playlist from WMP12? It is now
impossible to find the functions. I have probably moaned about Windows Media Player 12 before, but it's time to moan again. I wanted to export a playlist. But with the removal of all normal menu layout and functions, it's a game of cat and mouse finding the functions these days. And given the buttons aren't labelled there is a load of hovering required, or trial and error. Come back 'windows style guide', all is forgiven, even if Microsoft has forgotten all its own edicts.

Poor Apple design.

Instead of a single click to change apps, now it's 2, plus move the mouse a significant distance. So much for Apple's much vaunted UX skills.


So the telephone preference service that is meant to stop you getting unsolicited calls doesnt work. That much was assumed. However when it doesnt work and one tries to complain, their site refers you to the Information Commissioners Office, which refers you to the Direct Marketing Association, which refers you to the Telephone Preference Service.

Perfect. FAIL.

Dyson: feather in the cap

Wow. For a sensible fixed fee Dyson sent someone out to fix our 6-yr old vacuum cleaner. He changed the motor, beater brush, filter, and 'cyclone' unit, all included in the same fixed fee.

This is how to build customer loyalty.

sony own goal

so im thinking of buying sony dab bedside radio. i find the XDRC705 at John Lewis and go to check it online. many hits on google. none on sonys site. i browse sonys site, nada. I go to their legacy item page, zilch. my god, what do these muppets do all day long? does no one check their product lineup is available?


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